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Six departments in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province jointly launched a special action to control outdoor fire sources and investigate and deal with illegal fire use. Release date: Source: Zhejiang Forestry Bureau to effectively control outdoor fire sources, strictly investigate and deal with illegal fire use, reduce forest fires caused by human factors, and avoid property losses and casualties caused by forest fires. Recently, the office of Wenzhou forest fire prevention and suppression headquarters, the Public Security Bureau, the Civil Affairs Bureau, the natural resources and planning (Forestry) bureau, the agriculture and rural Bureau and the Emergency Management Bureau of Zhejiang Province issued the "special action plan for jointly organizing and carrying out field fire source control and investigating and punishing illegal fire use behaviors", which launched a special action for field fire source control and investigating and punishing illegal fire use behaviors throughout the city

this special action is carried out in two stages. In the first stage, the special action of field fire source control was carried out from March to may, focusing on six aspects: the hidden dangers of agricultural fire, fire for sacrifice, field smoking, other productive fire and other non productive fire, and accelerating the promotion and application of "many search results of fire codes are really not what users are looking for". In the second stage, from September 20 to December 20, a special action was launched to investigate and deal with illegal fire use, mainly including illegal agricultural fire use, illegal sacrificial fire use, other illegal productive fire use and non productive fire use

the plan emphasizes the need to improve political standing and strengthen organizational leadership. According to the principle of management at different levels that may lead to inconsistent management of test results, work plans shall be formulated in combination with the actual situation, and the organization and leadership of special actions shall be effectively strengthened. We should work together to form a joint force to ensure that there are no dead corners or blind spots. Strengthen work measures to eliminate fire hazards. It is necessary to implement the standardized management of forest fire prevention, pay attention to each level and implement it layer by layer, and refine it to the hilltop plot. We should pay close attention to important nodes, key areas and key people, strengthen the control of fire for farming, sacrifice and production, and effectively eliminate the potential fire hazards in the bud. We should grasp the characteristics and laws to ensure the effectiveness of governance. It is necessary to carefully analyze and study the characteristics and laws of local field fire use, deeply find out the root causes, adhere to the principle of treating both symptoms and root causes, treat fire according to law, and accurately implement several test methods of impact testing machine to suit the case. We should strengthen publicity and guidance and create a strong atmosphere. It is necessary to use various forms to carry out forest fire prevention publicity, warning education, case explanation and case interpretation education in forest farmers' residential areas, important intersections in forest areas, mountain crossings, mass gathering places and other places where fire is often used in the field, so as to build a national defense line for fire prevention and control. Pu insulation material has more advantages than EPS and XPS materials

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