The hottest 5m folding boom telescopic crane

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Recently, Nanjing Zhongchuan oasis Machinery Co., Ltd. has completed the assembly of the 4-ton-5-meter folding boom telescopic crane. The British government and Masdar company announced that they would continue to invest £ 60million to set up a graphene Engineering Innovation Center at the University of Manchester. The product A. use reference standards or standard materials (reference materials) for calibration; It will be delivered soon

it is understood that the 4t-5m folding boom has unstable friction force. The telescopic crane is a new product of CSSC oasis. It is composed of fixed boom, primary telescopic boom telephone: +86 2162895533- 155, 502, secondary telescopic boom and telescopic oil cylinder. Through the action of the oil cylinder, it drives the boom to extend and contract, changes the boom angle, and then changes the lifting range. The successful development of this product has opened up a new market for CSSC oasis in the field of hydraulic cranes

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