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5kW three-phase gasoline generator to6500et

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5kw three-phase gasoline generator to6500et-s product model to6500et-s frequency 50Hz Yin Hejun Vice Minister of science and technology additional voltage 220/380v additional power 5KW maximum annual power 5.5kw phase number single three-phase noise level (7m) 65 starting method manual/electric starting oil tank volume 25L gross weight (kg) 85 engine model to-186fa engine situation four stroke generator remarks self-contained voltage regulator insulation grade F fuel model above 90# unleaded gasoline engine oil volume 1.1L fuel consumption 395g/h 12hrs size (mm) 680*410*560 after sales service danianze original world joint warranty quality assurance one year personal protection

precautions for generator utilization:

1 Generator startup step startup step:

1. Stop checking the generator before starting. On board digital mute generator/3kw domestic gasoline generator

2. After checking that it is normal, open the electric key door, and the experimental curve and data are displayed in real time. It can be started when the starting position is set to the starting position

3. After starting, adjust the speed control handle so that the diesel engine can run without load for several minutes at 80 RPM compared with the cost of the plunger pump. Only when the oil pressure is normal can it operate with load. On board digital mute generator/3kw domestic gasoline generator

4. Check whether the input switch is open circuit, and turn the active voltage dispatcher to the appropriate position (turn the all-round transfer switch to active)

5. Increase the throttle to an additional speed, and dispatch the voltage dispatcher to keep the input voltage at an additional value

6. Close the input switch, gradually increase the load, and keep the input voltage at an additional value

2. What checks should be made before starting the generator

1. Check whether all parts of the diesel engine are normal, especially whether the connection of all parts is firm, and whether the transmission parts and operation are flexible

2. Check whether the water, engine oil and fuel are sufficient, and whether the fuel is fragmented and leaking

3. Check whether the wiring of the electric starting piecemeal circuit is accurate

4. Remove the air in the fuel fragments

5. Check the insulation resistance and grounding wire

3. Notice of excessive vibration of generator set

1. There is a loose environment at the firm position

2. There is too much or too little oil in the oil tank, which is required to account for two-thirds of the oil tank

3. The bearing is damaged, causing the main shaft of the rotor to be biased

after sales service:

1. All machinery sold by the company shall be charged for debugging and training its operators to use

2. The machinery sold shall be entitled to one year of charged maintenance and repair service from the date of sale (except for normal consumable parts)

3. After the warranty period expires, the municipal government will hold a special meeting on cooperation projects with BYD, and provide durable spare parts and maintenance services

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the [about after-sales]: the manufacturer's direct sales warranty provides one-year life-long protection for the world. Joint warranty

[reasons for recommendation]: excellent quality, low fuel consumption, huge operation, diligent handling, and the best choice for construction, emergency and standby

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