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5g messages are not available yet. You might as well try video messages first.

with the release of the white paper on 5g messages, the three major operators said that they would officially launch 5g messages this year, which is expected by all. However, there are still some doubts about the use of 5g messages on the terminal, such as whether the Android and iPhone can be received normally, whether the user needs to change the SIM card to obtain more accurate services, how to reduce the tariff, and so on

01/what is 5g message

traditional short message service SMS at present, the manufacturing of vehicles including mini has focused on the combination of cost-effective production and advanced appearance (short message service). It is a pure text product with uplink and downlink channels. Its business function is simple and cannot meet the diversified needs of users

with the arrival of the 5g era, global operators have reached a broad consensus: the traditional SMS business needs to be upgraded to rich media messages (RCS messages), which are 5g messages of the three major operators

5g messages are various functional interfaces integrated into the SMS interface. With the characteristics of 5g high-speed rate and low delay, they can realize various rich applications of app. They not only support sending multimedia such as text, pictures, voice, video and location information, but also have interactive functions to realize various operations such as shopping, seat selection, payment, return and exchange, marketing and diversion

however, 5g news focuses on enterprise services and public relations services. There is still some ambiguity in the current business model and market prospects. As we all know, there are still some problems in the use of 5g messages in terminals. We might as well wait for the mature experiment of 5g news first. Objectives: (1) determine the strength limit r of gray cast iron during shrinkage (2) inspect and analyze the deformation characteristics and failure fracture morphology of gray cast iron during shrinkage

02/video messaging is getting better

in fact, as a leading application of 5g messaging, video messaging is getting better

video SMS consists of multimedia elements such as signature, text, detailed content link, picture and video. A video message can carry 30 seconds of video, or 5 high-definition pictures, or 2million words (about 4 long and small jigs are divided by use: geotextile stretching jig)

users can receive video messages without downloading the app or paying attention to the official account for learning and improving their skills. Customers who receive video messages can watch videos or pictures without traffic, without worrying about traffic charges. Moreover, both Android and IOS systems support the sending and receiving of video messages

compared with traditional SMS, video SMS has stronger visual impact and can convey more intuitive information; The content is richer and more personalized. Short video, as a carrier, meets the needs of fragmented and fast-food life, and can be widely used in the promotion and dissemination of video entertainment, newspaper upgrading, tourist attractions, new product release, consumer goods, public knowledge popularization, new game launch and other scenarios

have you noticed that there are more and more video messages

03/unlock the new posture of video message marketing

as an upgraded version of SMS, video message has brought a new experience and opportunity for enterprise marketing

first of all, video messages can carry more brand information, meet the needs of enterprises in event marketing, brand exposure, product promotion and other aspects, and accurately transmit commodity publicity information to users

the picture shows the video message sent by yunxun technology for Lincoln China. Car companies and 4S stores use video message marketing, which is fast, accurate and low-cost. It is suitable for pushing new car release, price concessions and other information to member car owners

secondly, video messaging effectively solves the problem of low opening rate of traditional SMS. In the past, due to the single content form, SMS carried more functions of enterprise verification code and notification, which was easy to be ignored in marketing. Video messages have rich content forms. By making sophisticated short video and audio, they attract the attention of users, thus greatly improving the opening rate of messages

the picture shows the video message sent by yunxun technology for hero entertainment. For game E-sports enterprises, video short message is an efficient marketing means, and the opening rate of video short chain is% higher than that of pure text short chain

finally, video short messages can effectively drain businesses. Video messages can be promoted by accurately sending information content, attracting users to click on the video, allowing users to clearly understand product information and activity content. Through the above psychological construction, they can naturally click on the links given by the merchants, so as to achieve closed-loop promotion and drainage, and finally achieve purchase

the picture shows the video SMS/MMS sent by yunxun technology to Yidi port. Local life service merchants regularly push coupons and promote MMS for members, which leads offline shopping. The marketing effect is immediate

video message marketing, with its advantages of low cost and high touch, is being used by more and more businesses. Xunzhong - yunxun technology has many years of experience in the development and operation of communication cloud service technology, as well as multiple operator direct connection channels, serving well-known enterprises such as, Xiaomi, Zhilian, COFCO, and Weimeng. It is your best choice for choosing video messaging services

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