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5g China, based on its global vision and the dynamics of the whole chain, helped build a new ecosystem in the 5g business era. On December, with the approval of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the 5g Global Conference (5g China), a global professional grand event sponsored by the China Communications Society and inverman group, CO organized by the Shenzhen Institute of information and communications and the Shenzhen communications society, and organized by Bo Wen creative, was grandly held in the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The conference brought together leaders from the Ministry of industry and information technology of China, China Communications Society, information and Communications Research Institute, Shenzhen communications society, as well as operators such as China Mobile, China Tower, Chinatelecom, China Unicom, China Mobile Research Institute, China Tower Research Institute, China Telecom Research Institute, China Unicom Research Institute, PCCW, ELISA, Deutsche Telekom Huawei, Nokia bell, ZTE, Ziguang, ovum, Foxconn Top 5g industry elites such as riyueyue share their top-level design, vision and practical experience at multiple levels to help industry elites and industry leaders gain insight into 5g industry's early opportunities and market risks and formulate coping strategies and measures

5g China, based on its global vision and the dynamics of the whole chain, has helped build a new ecology in the 5g business era

for two days, nearly 40 industry leaders and experts, more than 30 wonderful keynote speeches and more than 1500 participants, 5g China, which first landed in China, has achieved unprecedented success. Committed to leading 5g development, integrating 5g ecology, promoting 5g realization, and forging the future 5g world! 5g China has promoted the deep integration of mobile communication and various industries, explored a win-win business model with vertical industries, provided a platform for the inspiration and innovation required for the successful launch of the future 5g network, and made it possible for the rapid commercialization of new technologies

the construction of 5g in China has made gratifying progress. Indoor has become the main application scenario

4g changes life and 5g changes society. This idea first put forward by China Mobile has now become the direction of consensus of the whole society. Huangyuhong, vice president of China Mobile Research Institute, said at 5g China that due to the higher difficulty of 5g technology, in order to reduce the initial investment in 5g construction and accelerate the process of 5g construction in China, China Mobile proposed the 5g+ plan to make full use of the existing site resources and give full play to the synergy of 4G and 5g. She stressed that in the future, China Mobile will thoroughly implement the 5g+ plan and work together to achieve five upgrades: promoting technological iteration and deepening the intelligent upgrading of network capabilities; Integrate into all walks of life, and help upgrade the kinetic energy of industrial transformation; Optimize the brand system and accelerate the upgrading of users' full-service; Improve the win-win mechanism and realize the ecological upgrading of open cooperation; Serve the people and promote the upgrading of information consumption experience

indoor is the main application scenario of 5g

5g frequency band is higher, station sites are more intensive, initial construction investment is greater, and the application scenario is also different from the 4G era. The 5g frequency band is high and it is difficult to cover the indoor through the outdoor, so the indoor will be the main application scenario of 5g. Dou Li, President of China iron tower Research Institute and general manager of the technology department, believes that 85% of the business applications in the 5g era will occur indoors, including cloud ar/vr, 8K HD video, intelligent manufacturing and wireless medical treatment. Therefore, 5g network coverage puts forward a higher 2 Hazlet requirements

different from traditional application scenarios, it puts forward a new round of infrastructure construction requirements. Linxingyi, strategic director of the Asian infrastructure investment bank, pointed out that by 2030, the financing needs of the entire Asia in the digital economy and infrastructure will reach 512billion US dollars

5g wave sweeping the world has become the general consensus of the industry and even the public. According to the data shared by caikang, President of Chinatelecom intelligent network and terminal Research Institute, at the 5g China Conference, as of november2019, 43 operators in 21 countries in the world have used 5g, and another 77 operators plan to use it. At the same time, as of the third quarter of 19, there were about 4.88 million 5g connections worldwide

5g China conference site

in this 5g commercial wave sweeping the world, China has taken the lead in the world. As of September 2019, 86000 5g base stations have been built in China under the power on state of 1 solenoid directional valve, 130000 5g base stations are expected to be built by the end of the year, and 20 5g models have been tested. Wangyouxiang, deputy director of future network Department of China Unicom Research Institute, disclosed at 5g China. According to Li Weijia, director of Shenzhen Unicom 5g innovation center, at present, China Unicom has more than 400 intended customers for 5g innovation applications, involving 8 fields, and has carried out business docking with dozens

yaojinye, deputy director of the marketing department of Shenzhen Institute of information and communication, also further elaborated on relevant measures to promote 5g innovation and development in Shenzhen. For example, as early as June 2018, the Shenzhen municipal government released the action plan for promoting the development of the fifth generation mobile communication (5g) industry in Shenzhen (year). Zhouguoming, Secretary General of Shenzhen 5g industry alliance, expressed similar views. He said that the alliance hopes to speed up 5g business and promote the construction of 5g network

5g business opportunities: among the top ten application scenarios, industrial Internet most expects that

4g will change life and 5g will change society. As chenshanzhi, vice president of China information and communication technology group, said, the comprehensive arrival of 5g era will be integrated with new technologies such as cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain, subvert some traditional industries, upgrade some traditional industries, incubate new applications, and then give birth to new business forms and new business models

fangzhaojiang, vice president of 5g core field of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., pointed out that from the best effort in the 4G era to the deterministic experience guarantee in the 5g era, 5g business will bring more opportunities for digital transformation for thousands of banks and businesses. Through technological innovations such as native Cloud Architecture, 5g LAN and time sensitive network, dynamic intelligent network slicing, and super performance heterogeneous MEC, Huawei has cooperated with more than 80 industrial partners to jointly build a 5g deterministic network industry alliance for win-win cooperation, and has realized a 5g enabled business closed loop in smart port, smart factory, smart mining area, smart electricity and other industries

as an important cornerstone of the fourth industrial revolution and a key supporting force for digital transformation, the exploration and practice of 5g+ industrial interconnection has opened up a new track for scientific and technological competition and industrial competition. Miao Wei, Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, pointed out that 80% of 5g's real application scenarios are used in industrial interconnection, which is the most expected field of 5g. Rong lotian, chief marketing officer of 5g Research Institute of Foxconn Technology Group, also pointed out in 5g China that wireless technology currently accounts for only 6% of industrial interconnection, with huge growth space. Based on the industrial Interconnection Strategy of 6 streams and cloud, mobile, physical, large, intelligent and + robot, Foxconn actively explores the construction of 5g specialty, and truly realizes the application value of improving quality, increasing efficiency, reducing cost and reducing inventory

Dr. huguoqing, associate researcher of Shenzhen Research Institute of Peking University, shared that ten fields, including car service, telemedicine, UHD video and smart factory, will be the main application scenarios of 5g. With 5g commercialization, the upstream base station and terminal equipment related industries will usher in an explosion, and 5g+ industrial clusters are also gradually gestating. It is worth noting that with the support of 5g features such as low delay, high bandwidth and high stability, car coupling and automatic driving will have a good foundation for realization

Yingjia technology, which focuses on intelligent driving, accurately grasps 5g commercial Dongfeng based on the frontier observation of ADAS industry. We hope to build a new generation of 5g+vr+ai safe driving assistance system with the help of 5g. Zhengzhiyu, general manager of Yingjia Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., expressed his vision of no traffic accidents in the world in the on-site sharing

in addition, zuoshaozhou, vice chairman of Shenzhen communication society and chairman of Hongdian Co., Ltd., introduced in detail Hongdian's insight into the application needs of typical industries such as electricity, water conservancy and emergency management, as well as its exploration of 5g industry application. Due to the intensive filling of 5g station sites, the indoor positioning technology has moved towards a higher precision coverage scene. Yangweihang, general manager of Chengdu sixiangzhi New Technology Co., Ltd., said that the combination with various specific industries will bring explosive growth of indoor positioning technology in the 5g era. Liurongming, VP of the industry solution for CEO Assistant of Gaoxian robot, believes that since 5g strengthens the cloud side layout, it can enable one machine to have multiple functions. At the same time, thanks to the ultra-low delay of urllc, multi machine collaboration and remote transfer can be achieved. Therefore, the commercial service robot may usher in new opportunities in the 5g era

the dispute between NSA and SA, and how to deploy ran. According to the experts,

from 1g lagging behind, 2G following, 3G breakthrough, 4G running together and now 5g leading, China's communication technology has gone through arduous struggle and realized the whole process of voice from scratch or even leading. Behind the global leadership, how has the relevant technology evolved? On 5g China, technology gurus from leading enterprises such as operators and Huawei shared details of technology evolution in the development process of 5g

ran is even the most important part of 5g mobile communication. According to Wang Hao, chief technology officer of BG wireless network, an operator of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., ran, as a component of 5g mobile communication, plays an important role in the business process. As for how 5g ran can support rapid large-scale deployment, Wang Hao introduced: first, beam forming is used to make up for the lack of high-frequency coverage; Second, high integration products based on RF; Third, from the perspective of equipment, stations and network opening rate, 5g energy consumption is reduced through the combination scheme to achieve the goal of green energy conservation

for the 5g technology route dispute widely suspected in the industry, Wang Hao believes that because SA has the advantages of greatly increasing uplink bandwidth, reducing signaling plane delay, and fully supporting, network slicing, urllc services, etc., it is recognized as a true 5g in the whole industry. However, as a transitional form, NSA is the choice to reduce the current 5g layout cost. SA is the target, NSA and SA will coexist and evolve smoothly. He suggested that during the evolution from NSA to SA, factors such as technology maturity, business needs, industry dynamics and investment rhythm should be comprehensively considered

meanwhile, Donglin Shen, chief analyst of ovum, Tao Zhen, senior market manager of qorvo in the Asia Pacific region, and Yu Xingang, vice president of wireless network and cloud core marketing and solutions of Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. had an in-depth exchange on China's 5g spectrum and policy topics, and talked about the requirements of 700m spectrum, known as 5g gold spectrum, on base stations, terminals, RF and other components, And the impact of the application for reserved private spectrum by vertical industries on the industry

according to Carlson Chu, senior vice president of pccw/hkt technology strategy and development department, HKT has obtained the first 400MHz spectrum allocated in Hong Kong and will focus on providing 5g services in 2020

5g China has a wealth of topics and a large number of celebrities. Regarding the future development of 5g, Juli lehmuskallio, managing director of ELISA, shared the experience of Finnish operator ELISA on 5g deployment and operation; Donglin Shen shared 5g's global status and outlook for the next 24 months from the perspective of ovum's chief analyst; Mengbiao, director of ZTE Xintong Xingkai company, shared his observations and suggestions on 5g/6g development with satellite communications; Guojing, director of business consulting and marketing of Shanghai Nokia bell, mainly shared the experience of intelligent network operation facing the 5g new era; Taozhen shared the qorvo end-to-end 5g RF front-end solution, which can achieve full coverage from 5g base stations to terminals; Wang Peng, vice president of wttx marketing and solutions of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., explained his position on whether 5g FWA is a solid substitute or a supplement; Wangchenzhao, director of R & D Department of Sunmoon group, brought the audience the sharing of system level packaging technology applied to millimeter wave. The in-depth sharing with full dry goods made the audience gain a lot, and also made 5g China full and hard to find

as an invermann group in China

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