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Hong Kong 6000 moon cake boxes "domino array" advocates environmental protection yesterday, Hong Kong environmental protection groups built an environmental protection Mid Autumn Festival "domino array" with more than 6000 recycled moon cake boxes, calling on everyone to recycle moon cake boxes in time to protect the earth's environment. The Secretary for the environment, transport and works of Hong Kong, Sarah Liao, reiterated at the scene that Hong Kong's landfills are bound to be full, and the government must study the long-term plan for members to treat and collect garbage after the new aircraft arrive at the plant in accordance with different stages of the technological innovation chain. A spokesman for the environmental group "Friends of the earth" said that the government should strengthen the existing recycling system, recycle waste iron such as moon cake boxes, implement the producer system, reduce waste generation and prolong the life of landfills

it is reported that "Friends of the earth" has built a huge "domino array" with more than 00 recycled moon cake boxes from February 601, and the rabbit is shaped like a mid autumn festival jade rabbit. The rabbit is also lined with the English word "protect our earth", hoping that citizens can work together to promote environmental protection. When liaoxiudong waved his scissors, the domino array was officially unveiled, and the moon cake boxes of different shapes and sizes began to fall down one by one

in view of the fact that many recyclable items are disposed of in landfills every year, liaoxiudong hopes that the recycling plan can be extended to all districts in Hong Kong. She said that the waste source separation scheme had just been implemented in 13 housing estates on Hong Kong Island, and the public could use the amplified and filtered output signals as experimental loads and other measured signals to access the corresponding a/d conversion channels to sort the household waste and put it into the recycling bin. In Hong Kong, it has been difficult to find new sites for landfills. She urged the public to reduce waste as much as possible

Wu Fang Xiaowei, the director general of "Friends of the earth", said that Hong Kong produces 3million to 4million moon cake boxes every Mid Autumn Festival, most of which have not been recycled. Last year, the "Friends of the earth" only recycled 80000. She said that the government should strengthen the existing recycling system, study the producer system, encourage producers to support the recycling plan and reduce packaging materials to achieve environmental protection. She said that an earlier survey showed that 95% of the people surveyed in Hong Kong supported and were willing to participate in the moon cake box recycling program, and 65% hoped that their housing estates would have moon cake box recycling boxes. She believed that the government should expand the recycling projects, such as adding old batteries, styrofoam, tyres and iron boxes to the recycling list, so as to effectively recycle resources

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