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The 5g team of Huawei has long been committed to the research of 5g breakthrough technologies

5g has become a hot topic in the communication industry. 5g has also become a hot topic at the 2014 World Mobile Communication Conference (2014 MWC) held in Barcelona, Spain. In the past few years, Huawei's 5g team has focused on 5g basic key technologies. In the early stage of 5g research and development, Huawei scientists have made major breakthroughs in 5g technology, effectively promoting the development of 5g

Huawei 5g team actively carried out fracture technology research and made major breakthroughs in 5g air interface technology, virtualization access technology and new RF technology. Based on the flexible self adhesive tape, it can adapt to the soft defined air interface design, greatly improve the spectral efficiency and shorten the transmission delay, so as to meet the diverse business needs of 5g in the future; In terms of the design of new air interface waveforms, the research on non orthogonal access technology based on SCMA (sparse code multiple access) and variable subcarriers was carried out, and breakthroughs were made. The conceptual prototype verification was completed to effectively improve the spectral efficiency and the use of discrete spectrum for the environment and enterprises, and meet the deployment of customized IOT (Internet of tings) services and the requirements of high bandwidth services such as virtual reality under large bandwidth, At the same time, the network is self-adaptive and customized to meet the application needs of deploying various innovations

the Huawei 5g team carried out a large number of 5g prototype development and field tests based on the pure soft virtualization base station platform. The software virtualization base station platform based on hypertransceiver technology has realized the development and testing of the joint processing prototype system for more than 400 cells. Based on the concept of v-ran (virtual radio access network), it breaks the traditional user access cellular architecture, truly realizes the user centric architecture, and effectively reduces the impact of signal fading and interference. In the user self-organizing network, the reverse comp technology is innovatively used to effectively improve the spectrum efficiency of the network

on the 5g air interface architecture, the research and prototype of full duplex transmission technology with anti multipath and large bandwidth are realized. The test results show that nearly twice the spectrum resources can be saved, laying a foundation for the remarkable use of TDD and FDD spectrum in the 5g era. In the 5g base station prototype system, Huawei innovatively introduced a brand-new fully digital RF architecture, the radiotenna? Technology, as well as complex medium and high frequency algorithms, effectively improve the spectral efficiency of dynamic use in the cellular frequency band and higher frequency band, take the lead in realizing the 5g base station prototype system with Gbps capacity in the traditional cellular frequency band, and verify the prototype system with GHz and 8 exceeding 100gbps in the GHz frequency band in 2015

the 5g team of Huawei has long been committed to the research of 5g breakthrough technology and actively promoted the continuous development of 5g technology

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