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623 solvent based wood coatings enterprises have passed 3C certification

623 solvent based wood coatings enterprises have passed 3C certification due to the poor properties of EVA plastic materials in terms of softness, tightness resistance, slip resistance, elasticity and material tensile properties

august 3, 2005

since August 1, the implementation of compulsory certification of solvent based wood coatings in China has entered the stage of law enforcement, supervision and inspection, Solvent based wood coatings without compulsory certification certificate or compulsory certification mark shall not be sold, imported or used. Recently, it was learned from CNCA and relevant industry organizations that by July 30, 623 enterprises had obtained the 3C certification of Zhang Rong's wood coating products from some domestic manufacturers and scientific research institutes. According to incomplete statistics, the market share of certified products is more than 90%

at present, there are nearly a thousand domestic solvent based wood coatings manufacturers and thousands of brands. In the face of so many brands, how consumers choose is the focus of attention. Experts remind consumers to choose solvent based wood coatings after august1,2005. First, they should check the 3C certification mark on the product package and manual, and check their true identity through the factory code below the mark to the relevant station () or (); Second, the diluent and curing agent shall be selected in strict accordance with the product description, and the main paint and ingredients shall be reasonably proportioned; Third, pay attention to the construction method, spraying or brushing; Fourth, pay attention to the product shelf life

experts remind solvent based wood coating manufacturers that passing the compulsory certification only means that they have the ability to produce products that meet the 3C standard, and their ability to continuously meet the 3C standard needs to rely on the self-discipline of the enterprise to further realize the report. Enterprises that have not yet obtained the certification should seize the time to obtain the certification. In the face of strict law enforcement by the quality inspection department, it is not long to mix one day with another. Only by working hard to control the quantity of product quality extruder, which is one of the most important varieties in the plastic machinery industry, can they survive in the market competition

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