How to open up new markets for aluminum alloy door

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With the continuous development of the real estate market in recent years, it has also driven the development of related industries, and the door and window industry has matured. The industry competition gradually tends to be white hot, and the door and window brands in the market are mixed, falling into a short bottleneck period

the stronger the stronger

with the continuous progress of the market, the development of all walks of life has gradually shown a trend of polarization. Aluminum alloy door and window industry is no exception. The stronger the strong, the weaker the weak, it becomes the most true portrayal of today's aluminum alloy door and window industry, and the rapid development of first-line brands; Second and third tier brand enterprises are under heavy pressure and suffer. Since this year, the news of the collapse of home furnishing enterprises has come one after another. For the aluminum alloy door and window industry, the wind of bankruptcy is also attacking everywhere. For this phenomenon, some insiders believe that, on the one hand, the increase in production costs has made it worse for small and medium-sized enterprises that are already short of funds

products have distinctive characteristics and direct consumer demand

in order to break through in the fierce competitive environment, we must have the awareness of product differentiation, and strive to build our own differentiated product line and improve our core competitiveness. Excellent products are the biggest highlight of the success of big brand door and window enterprises, and the shaping of this kind of products also enables them to accurately grasp the purchase needs of consumers, so it is natural to have high sales

the rise of e-commerce and emphasis on B2B mode channels

today's e-commerce has begun to spread to traditional industries, and some household enterprises have begun to use online channels. However, due to the limitations of the industry's own characteristics, this mode does not seem to be so "fun". Therefore, the way to strengthen enterprises is to try to expand online channels, but the important channels are still online and offline, as well as dealers

as a channel under B2B mode, the significance of dealer resources to aluminum door and window enterprises cannot be underestimated. But in fact, the inducement of e-commerce, coupled with the reasons of the enterprise itself, makes many brands seem to pay little attention to dealers. What is "not paying attention"? Valuing commitment and neglecting fulfillment is called not paying attention to it. This has become a common phenomenon in the industry

meizhixuan doors and windows: if you want to open up a new market, you need to segment the market, and in this process, you should fully consider the cost demand, do a good job in development planning, and promote enterprises to move towards a healthier development direction, so as to win more vitality in the current competitive situation




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