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From December 12 to 14, 2011, the central economic work conference was held in Beijing. In the discussion of macro-control on the real estate market policy and the affordable housing project, the meeting proposed to do a good job in the investment and financing, construction, operation and management of affordable housing, and gradually solve the housing difficulties of urban low-income people, new employed workers and migrant workers. The National Working Conference on housing and urban rural construction system also has a similar description, and the construction of affordable housing will be further deepened& ldquo; In 2012, more than 5million affordable housing units will be basically completed, and the completion volume will be higher than that in 2011, so that more people with difficulties can move in as soon as possible& rdquo; Vice Premier Li Keqiang emphasized this at the national housing security work conference

the reporter learned that the total number of affordable housing projects started in 2012 was basically set at more than 7million units, and the target of the total number of affordable housing projects completed in 2012 was set at more than 5million units. In addition to the number of affordable housing started in 2011 and completed in 2012, it is estimated that the overall scale of affordable housing under construction in 2012 will reach about 18million units, and about 10million units will be put into use on the market

both the strict property market regulation policy and the construction of affordable housing projects have guiding significance for the building materials chain industry. From the financial crisis in 2008, to the recovery in 2009 and the first half of 2010, to the large-scale regulation in the past year and a half, the building materials industry has been deeply affected& ldquo; In 2012, we will make big moves& rdquo; A person from a large ceramic enterprise in Foshan told reporters. For the coming 2012, the real estate market is still not optimistic, but the home furnishing industry is still unknown. A household enterprise told reporters that this year, it is possible to usher in a new round of industry turnaround

the reporter investigated the local markets and learned that according to the normal delivery deadline of real estate, there will be a big closing wave this year. A large number of first-hand houses traded around 2010 will be officially delivered in 2012. As the purchase in 2010 has not been thoroughly implemented, the real estate market is very prosperous. This wave of residential delivery will directly bring a lot of decoration and furniture demand to the home furnishing and home decoration market in the new year

in Guangzhou, there was a wave of affordable housing deliveries in 2010, even including limited price housing such as Fanghe garden, which was delivered at the end of last year. Although these security houses have a large demand for medium and low-end products in the market, they can also open up a new batch of customers for enterprises. Whether it is commercial housing or affordable housing, in this year's housing boom, most buyers are first-time home buyers, and there is also a large demand for furniture and home decoration, which is likely to revitalize the entire household market in the new year

recently, Beijing government subsidized housing construction group, the top household housing group, signed strategic agreements with 12 well-known material suppliers to introduce some well-known enterprise products into the construction of affordable housing, including Jinyu paint, Nippon Paint, Otis Elevator, Longjia anti-theft door, etc& ldquo; The first batch of well-known enterprises signed this time involve five categories: elevators, steel, doors and windows, household fire doors, and coatings& rdquo; Zhangguilin, chairman of the group, said, “ The 12th Five Year Plan ” During this period, Zhuzong group will build 1million square meters of affordable housing for Beijing every year

Ru Jiyong, chairman of del group, expressed his confidence that affordable housing will drive the sales growth of the flooring industry to reporters. He pointed out that the national 12th Five Year Plan shows that the government attaches importance to the improvement of people's living environment. On the issue of how to ensure that every family has new housing, Premier Wen Jiabao proposed that affordable housing should reach 36million units in five years during the two sessions. From the perspective of future growth space, It is also good news for the development of the industry. Of course, with the growth of this market, the original second-hand houses also need to be transformed, so the environment and demand will be a great explosion point for flooring enterprises in the next five years

2012 is undoubtedly also a great attraction for sanitary enterprises. The author learned from visiting a large number of sanitary ware enterprises that many enterprises have entered the affordable housing market in 2011, and the affordable housing market in 2012 will be the focus of the strategic development of these enterprises and the focus of competition between them. Affordable housing is a kind of housing with limited standard, price or rent provided by the government for low-income families with housing difficulties. It is generally composed of low rent housing, affordable housing and policy rental housing. Therefore, this determines that the bathroom products selected for the decoration of affordable housing will not be too high-end. Generally, medium and low-end products with high cost performance and quality assurance are selected. Because of this, sanitary ware enterprises are facing no small choice. According to the reporter, for affordable housing, domestic high-end sanitary materials suppliers are not very willing to participate, because the unique attribute of affordable housing, in the process of centralized procurement, the profit brought by lowering the price is very little, and it will also damage their own brand image




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