Key points of appearance quality acceptance

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1. Facing bricks:

(1) whether the color of tiles in the same room is consistent and whether the edge joints are neat

(2) whether the pattern splicing of ceramic tiles is consistent

(3) whether the corners and other places requiring casing cutting are consistent and beautiful

(4) tap gently with a wooden hammer to hear whether the sound is empty

(5) use a long ruler to sweep the floor and wall after paving bricks, and check whether it is uneven

(6) whether the gap between stones and tiles is filled tightly

(7) check whether the face tiles have color difference, cracks, deformation and deformity

(8) whether the floor drain joint is tight and firm and meets the drainage requirements

2. Wall coating:

(1) there shall be no cracks in the appearance: because it will not appear after just painting, it will be found later

(2) there should be no rough knots on the surface: it is caused by the coating itself or the uneven base course

(3) surface peeling: one layer of wall peels off, and the wall surface even exposes the base layer

(4) powder falling off the surface: wipe with a cleaning cloth, which has a large amount of latex powder

(5) surface blistering: small bulges appear in some places

(6) impression: like the impression left by water flowing

(7) flower brushing: the color is uneven horizontally and vertically, with obvious traces of brush brushing

3. Paint finishing:

(1) if mixed paint is used, the wood background cannot be exposed after brushing

(2) no peeling, exposed brushing and spots

(3) after the mixed paint brush is dried, there shall be no cracks, thin or thick lines

(4) the surface of paint and varnish shall not form candle like drops, brush marks, etc

(5) there shall be no wrinkles, pinholes or high bulges on the surface of paint and varnish after coating

(6) the surface of paints and varnishes is fine after coating, and there should be no roughness or hard lumps

(7) after the varnish is applied, the wood grain should be clear and not muddy

(8) the color of varnish should be bright after painting, and there should be no deep and shallow phenomenon

(9) do not pollute doors and windows, glass, hardware and other items

4. Wood floor assembly:

(1) after the floor is bought home, it should be unpacked and dried to make it adapt to the indoor temperature and humidity

(2) the base course should be cleaned and moisture-proof treatment should be done

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