Swedish style Meijia decoration case

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The living room adopts the neutral decoration theme in the typical Swedish home decoration style. The whole space is orderly integrated with three classic matching colors of black, gray and white, with rich visual integrity. Plant element home decoration accessories have become a new favorite. For example, this distinctive living room background wall boldly uses the whole color block of forest tree patterns, so that the whole living room exudes the simplicity of nature

not rigidly adhere to the heavy colors in the traditional new house layout, sometimes light but not out of style mix and match colors. The owner has some lattice control and line complex more or less, and can always use these simplest graphics to express the most extraordinary bedroom personality expression. The subtly designed concealed storage space at the head of the bed reflects the room design concept of modern young owners, which is light decoration and heavy function

this children's room has opened up the original balcony area, which has expanded the space that was originally small, and all kinds of furniture in the children's room also echo the main style of the whole new house, which pays attention to simple collocation, but highlights personality. The most brilliant part must be the clever use of the windowsill. A piece of white wood is built to form the desk area with the most abundant light

young people advocate a simple and convenient lifestyle, and the design concept of dual-purpose kitchen and restaurant is also widely used by them. Sometimes it doesn't need too gorgeous decoration. A kitchen outlined by various simple lines can create the most enjoyable dining area. Use more potted plants to match the main style of the space, so that the kitchen becomes natural and pleasant, and it can also bring more interest to the cooking life of the post-85 American cooks

the design of the bathroom continues to carry the simple and fashionable beauty of the Swedish style Meijia. The use of large-area gray tiles makes the bathroom more atmospheric, which is the embodiment of the owner's home style and taste. Some unique artwork accessories, combined with the angular bathroom structure, show a more elegant and gorgeous atmosphere





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