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China Telecom and China Unicom have achieved fruitful results in 5g network construction and sharing

China Telecom and China Unicom have achieved fruitful results in 5g network construction and sharing

--5g network covers all cities at prefecture level and above in China, and has the ability of SA commercial basic network before September 30

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september 9, Chinatelecom and China Unicom held a review and summary of the first anniversary of 5g Network Co Construction and sharing and a conference on comprehensively deepening co construction and sharing cooperation in Beijing. On September 9, 2019, the two companies signed a 5g Network Co Construction and sharing framework agreement, agreeing to jointly build and share a 5g high-quality product in the full life cycle and scope of 5g. The conference aims to further consolidate and expand the achievements made in joint construction and sharing. Keruiwen, chairman of Chinatelecom, and wangxiaochu, chairman of China Unicom, attended the meeting and delivered speeches. The main responsible comrades of both provinces attended the meeting. Liuguiqing, deputy general manager of Chinatelecom, presided over the meeting, and Mai Yanzhou, deputy general manager of China Unicom, made a keynote speech

create China's speed and build China's standards

both sides accelerate 5g construction, fully integrate their advantageous resources, strive to overcome the adverse impact of the epidemic and flood, actively implement the responsibility of central enterprises, and accelerate the resumption of 5g network construction. Through joint construction and sharing, in just one year, the two sides have built and opened more than 300000 5g base stations, and the 5g network coverage has been expanded to all prefecture level and above cities in China, so that more users can enjoy 5g high-speed network services. For example, the indoor and outdoor coverage of the Fifth Ring Road in Beijing exceeds 95%, and the average download rate exceeds 450mbps, and the world's first 2.7Gbps peak rate under 200m bandwidth is realized, allowing users to experience 5g of large bandwidth and high speed

both sides adhere to technological innovation to lead 5g development, vigorously promote technological innovation, strive to achieve technological breakthroughs, take the lead in formulating a series of technical solutions for 5g co construction and sharing in the world, and promote and lead 5g co construction and sharing of relevant R16 international standards and industry standards. Internationally, the two sides first put forward the 5g international standard with 2.1g band and 50m wide bandwidth, which has been successfully approved in 3GPP standard and included in 3GPP R16 release in July this year. In China, the two sides took the lead in establishing 5g co construction and sharing series standard projects, breaking through 15 key technologies, forming 34 technical research reports, 33 patent clusters and 7 CSA industry standards for C foam granulator, providing industry standards for domestic 5g co construction and sharing

strengthen the direction of SA and lead the evolution of SA

both sides adhere to the development direction and target architecture of taking the independent group SA as 5g, resolutely build a technologically leading 5g network, actively promote the network upgrade deployment, and continue to carry out the performance verification of SA co construction and sharing group and the collaborative optimization of SA network. In order to promote the synchronous commercial use of SA terminals and networks, the two sides have made special breakthroughs, cooperated with chip and terminal manufacturers to carry out end-to-end cross group compatibility test and verification, jointly promoted the maturity and perfection of SA industrial chain, and strived to have the basic commercial network capacity of SA before September 30

5g network scale construction is carried out comprehensively and rapidly, which is conducive to promoting the perfect development of 5g intelligent terminals and industry modules based on network sharing, effectively helping the industry digital transformation, and realizing the deep integration with the industry faster. The expansion and development of 5g co construction and sharing technology has also stimulated the development of upstream and downstream industrial chains of 5g Network Co Construction and sharing, and further gave birth to the potential driving force for 5g development. The depth and breadth of 5g technology application will also continue to increase

deepen co construction and sharing, release innovation dividends

on the basis of 5g's full cooperation and win-win results, the two sides deeply implement the new development concept, continue to deepen co construction and sharing, comprehensively integrate their resources, promote a breakthrough in the scale of 4G sharing, and accelerate the exploration of the cloud. Today, we focus on the cooperation of a full range of basic resources such as accounting options integration, transmission, communication machine room and communication support, and strengthen industry collaboration, To expand the scope of co construction and sharing, and enrich the co construction, we need to check the content of wind cycle system construction and sharing, further improve quality and efficiency, revitalize resources, and make greater contributions to promoting the digital transformation of economy and society and forming a new pattern of circular development in which China is a big plastic country in the world today

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